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Awesome... Form follows Function.

But where did I see the drawings first? |-| :crazy: :lalala: :))

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The Renzo Piano-designed Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago is now a certified green building

Congratulations to Mr Piano for architectural design of Art Institute which btw is inspired by the Chehel Sotun building in Isfahan.


The name, "Forty Columns" (Chehel Sotun) was inspired by the twenty slender wooden columns supporting the entrance pavilion, which, when reflected in the waters of the fountain, are said to appear to be forty- Wikipedia

source: cityscapes

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General Motors and Segway partnered together to develop a possible solution for the expected urban congestion that will someday limit space in cities around the world. GM projects that by 2030, congestion may keep buyers from purchasing traditionally sized vehicles, and the EN-V Project is intended to offer a viable alternative.

Why don't GM & Segway execs come out and apologize- just like Tiger Woods did- for their own sake and their stupid "golf cart" behaviors. :))

First they steal the technology now they want to network?! perhaps in HongKong because Google is not in China anymore.XX( and when was the last time GM projected concepts 20 years ahead that we saw come into reality? :lalala:

GROW UP! and leave it to the real experts. :roll:

source: Leftlanenews

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The trend of filming in high definition using a digital SLR camera is unstoppable. Moviemaking today is unthinkable without this technique, whether for independent filmmakers, television producers or professional still photographers who wish to expand their services. Optics specialist Carl Zeiss now introduces the world’s first set of cine lenses designed especially for HDSLR cameras: the Compact Prime CP.2 lenses..... Why change the mount on the camera when you can change it on the lens? The iris opening consists of 14 high-precision blades, which stay consistently round and symmetrical over the entire T-stop range. This translates into natural and pleasing out-of-focus highlights and a smooth bokeh. Together, they help create and capture special moments on film. The modern lens design and tight tolerances ensure low distortion, high resolution and excellent color rendition for sharp, punchy images.


The LWZ.2 features radically shaped spherical glass surfaces with a very strong curvature, which guarantee high optical performance. Large-diameter aspherical lens elements keep the lens light while at the same time reducing spherical aberrations and keeping the image free of distortions. Straight lines stay straight, from infinity to close-ups and over the entire zoom range. The T* XP multi-layer anti-reflex coating reduces flare and internal reflections, resulting in pleasing and gentle colors, high contrasts and deep blacks. With its precision, flexibility and light weight, the LWZ.2 gives cinematographers everything they need to excel at every assignment.

This will make a great presentation lens for designers, of course you need a good idea first :idea: :yes:

source: dpreview

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Wow Stunning! 88|
Unfortunately it doesn't come with fog lights.:'(
*optional airbag

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Samsung Phase Change

Unlike conventional memory, which involves moving electrons around a chip, PCM data would literally be frozen in place, even when the machine is off. That means these devices could switch on nearly instantaneously.

ok. start recycling :'( :no:

source: nature

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BMW vision

hey... thanks guys. I'm totally flattered! &#59;) now, can I get some sushi?!

source: autobloggreen

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